THQ Nordic Acquires Carmageddon From Stainless Games

THQ Nordic

THQ Nordic which is an Austrian game publisher, has just announced that it has acquired Carmegeddon IP from the creator Stainless Games. Carmegeddon was a vehicle combat series that first came out for the Pc in 1997, and was later ported to many other platforms. It didn’t stop there when a number of follow up titles and a reboot was also launched in 2015.

THQ Nordic has been making news over the past few years over the kind of care they have given to Pc game franchises in its umbrella. It all started when there was a re-release of Titan Quest tat included Steamworks multiplayer to the game that originally released in 2005.

Earlier this year, THQ Nordic even also revived Red Faction: Guerilla while also updating the Pc version for the current generation hardware, and the current generation consoles. The published also funded to the big budget sequels like the Darksiders III that was just released past week.

Carmageddon is a series where players are encouraged to be violent and aggressive with other competitors. Players had to push them off the road, sending them into a fiery explosion, and secure a victory. Players also got score for running their cars over pedestrian which was also a big feature in the 1997 game.

It is not clear what THQ Nordic will plan to do after acquiring Carmageddon, but a revival of the classic series in a modernized reboot will definitely be the first thing in the publisher’s plan. Although there is no news about any development from THQ Nordic, we will more than likely hearing announcements in the coming months.

In the announcement of the acquisition that came in a tweet by THQ Nordic, they also tagged in HandyGames, which is well known for its mobile and VR releases. So it is possible that we may see a mobile version or a VR release of Carmageddon in the future. All we can do is wait for more updates and announcement.

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