Clementine’s Voice Actor Fears that The Walking Dead: Final Season will be left Incomplete

The Walking Dead

Recently, Telltale Games announced their sudden closure to the world and the fans of their long running The Walking Dead franchise were left shocked because the final season of the series was under development and now it has no chance of getting completed.

This is not only bothering the fans of the series who had already paid for the whole season but also the voice actor of Clementine, the main lead character of The Walking Dead: The Final Season. Melissa Hutchison is the voice actress for Clementine in The Walking Dead as well as for characters for some other games as well such The Wolf Among Us, Back to the Future and Puzzle Agent.

She is also one of the affected employees at Telltale Games, which is shutting down apparently due to financial crisis, and around 250 employees have been let go without any prior notification or warning. Melissa fears the worst for the Final Season of The Walking Dead as well as she mentioned recently in a touching farewell to the studio that she does not think that the final season will be ever completed.

Her official response and a touching good bye to Telltale Studio was

The second episode of the last season was already completed before the shutdown happened and it is releasing on September 25, 2018. After the second episode is released, the game will apparently end, as there is no future development planned for the game at this point.

As of now, no official word has been released on the future of all projects. However, the company CEO mentioned that more information relating to all projects will be revealed in coming weeks.

We do hope that the pending projects see the light some day as we would love to see how the story ends for Clementine as well as what plans they had for The Wolf Among Us 2.

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