The VCS, Atari’s Brand New Console, is Slated to Release in Fall 2020

Atari VCS Release Date

Atari has revealed that its upcoming console/PC hybrid The Atari VCS will release this Fall for everyone. The release will start with the people who supported the console’s Indiegogo campaign getting their consoles in October. Their consoles will be shipped in October 2020 while all of the pre-orders and normal orders will get their consoles during the Holiday 2020 season. The console will hit retailers during the Holiday 2020 season as well.

The Atari VCS comes packed with the Atari Vault that gives players access to over 100 home and arcade classics from the early days. It will come installed with Atari World which is a Linux-based operating system made for the console however if the players prefer, they can also go for their own OS which can be installed in the console via Atari PC Sandbox Mode. You can also check out the detailed Atari VCS development blog on the official website which details everything that went into the development of the console.

Atari VCS Release

Pre-orders for The Atari VCS are now live on Atari’s official website and you can pre-order the console right now. The console comes in three unique colors to choose from. You have Black Walnut, Onyx, and Carbon Gold. Out of these colors, Onyx is an exclusive color for GameStop while Carbon Gold is an exclusive color for Walmart. You can choose between two options for your pre-order. You can either opt for the All-In Bundle that includes the Atari VCS console, the Wireless Classic Joystick, and the Modern Controller.

The All-In Bundle will set you back $400 but it is also the most complete bundle for the console. If you do not want to opt for the complete bundle, you can go for the VCS 800 system which will set you back $300 and later get the Modern Controller and Classic Wireless Joystick separately for $60 each. However, you will be glad to know that the Atari VCS supports most of the PC gaming accessories and it also comes with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. The console is powered by an AMD Ryzen processor along with Radeon Graphics technology.

Are you looking forward to playing The Atari VCS when it comes out later this year? Let us know in the comments section below.

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