The Winners of The Very First The Tubbies Awards 2023 Announced

Tubbies Awards 2023 Winners

Numskull Designs has announced the winners of the very first The Tubbies Awards 2023. After Golden Globes and the BAFTAS, we now have The Tubbies Awards 2023. The Tubbies Awards 2023 were held recently and they celebrated the world of pop culture icons in the form of cosplaying rubber duck collectibles. At the event, Numskull Designs announced the long-awaited winners via an online awards ceremony at the weekend.

You can check out the complete live-action of the very first The Tubbies Awards 2023:

Hosted by Quack Moon, the event was blazing with different celebrities such as the T-Rex TUBBZ which clearly blocked the view of the people sitting behind it due to its sheer size, and many other TUBBZ across Numskull’s entire range. For the awards ceremony, Numskull asked fans around the world to cast their votes in a number of different categories to find out which TUBBZ is the most popular. Apart from official categories, there were different fan categories as well.

Tubbies Awards 2023 Winners

These fan categories include Best Movie, Best Poster, and Best Photograph. In these categories, 3 fans won their very own special award, a money-can’t-buy exclusive GOLDEN TUBBZ to add to their collection. The Best Photograph was won by Eva Skinner for their very amazing retro-inspired Fallout picture, the Best Poster was won by Abby Graham for a cool Resident Evil II poster and finally, the Best Movie was won by Alisha Rose Barnes for an amazing and somewhat gory video based on TUBBZ Chainsaw Massacre.

The winners of the official categories include:

  • Most Creative – Capcom – Tofu
  • Best Lookalike – Netflix – Dustin Henderson
  • Lifetime Achievement Award – Warner Bros. – Gandalf the Grey
  • TUBBZ of the Year Award – Universal – Giant T-Rex
  • Best Franchise – Warner Bros. – The Lord of the Rings
  • Influencers – LAURA LEGENDS
  • Best Coverage – GhostBusters News

These are all of the winners in the official categories of the very first The Tubbies Awards hosted in 2023. Numskull Designs created the awards to celebrate the third anniversary of TUBBZ. TUBBZ Cosplaying Ducks were launched three years ago and since the launch of this collectible quirky brand, it has over 200 characters for pop culture fans to collect including icons from movies, video games, TV shows, comic books, and music. Make sure that you check out our TUBBZ section for our massive coverage of this amazing franchise. We cannot wait to see what Numskull has in stores for us for 2023 and beyond.

What are your thoughts on the winners of The Tubbies Awards 2023? Let us know in the comments section below.

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