The Sinking City Skills Guide – All Skills, Best Skills

The Sinking City Skills Guide

In this The Sinking City Skills Guide, we will guide you on all the skills that you can obtain in The Sinking City. We will also share with you the best skills that you must get first in the game to make yourself more effective in the game right from the start. Skills are vital in The Sinking City as these skills will make Charles Reed extremely effective in the game. You will need to unlock these skills if you want to really make your life easy in Oakmont.

Despite having a large number of skills in the game, some of these are more important for you at the start of the game and hence we have listed the important ones below in a separate section which will help you a lot during your early phases in the game. Start with unlocking the best skills in the game and then move to other skills that are not that important at the start of the game.

Skills Guide – The Sinking City

Our The Sinking City Skills Guide details all skills in The Sinking City and will also tell you which are the best skills to get first while playing the game. The skills are divided into three main categories and we have detailed them below in the same way. The three skills categories are:

  • Combat Proficiency
  • Vigor
  • Mind

The Sinking City Skills Guide

All these categories target a certain aspect of improving Charles Reed and it is up to you to decide which aspect you want to improve first. Let’s look at all the skills in these three categories.

Combat Proficiency

As the name suggests, this section of the skills is focused on improving the combat proficiency of Charles Reed which means that these skills will improve how Charles handles guns and ammo. Skills in this category include:

  • Trapper – Allows you to set traps twice as quickly
  • Ankle Biter – The traps you place hold enemies in place for longer
  • Leg Cutter – The traps get more sharpened teeth allowing them to deal more damage to enemies. The damage dealt to enemies is increased by 100%
  • Sapper Charge – Grenades and firebombs have increased range
  • High Yield – The damage dealt by grenades and firebombs is increased by 30%.
  • Hardboiled Detective – Allows the player to keep an extra bullet loaded which grants a 10% chance to deal double damage with the pistol
  • War Veteran – Increases the damage dealt to enemies with the battle rifle by 20%
  • Sharpshooter – Gives you a 10% chance to deal double damage with the battle rifle.
  • Firm Grip – Increases the accuracy with the Submachine gun
  • Recoil Control – Increases the accuracy with the Submachine gun even more
  • Nimble Fingers – Increases the reload speed of your revolver
  • Gunslinger – Gives you a 10% chance of dealing double damage with the revolver


This section of the skills combines skills that strengthen Charles’ physical self and increases his ammo carrying capacity as well. With these skills, Charles will be much harder to take down. Skills in this section are:

  • Extra Clip – Allows you to carry 7 more pistol rounds
  • Deep Pockets – Allows you to carry 6 more revolver rounds
  • Bottomless Pockets – Allows you to carry 4 more shotgun shells
  • Bandolier – Allows you to carry 3 more rifle rounds
  • Army-Issue Bandolier – Allows you to carry 10 more Submachine gun rounds
  • Field Medic – Allows you to carry 1 more first aid kit and antipsychotic
  • Heavy Ordinance – Allows you to carry 1 more grenade and firebomb
  • Unnatural Recovery – Grants you the ability to regenerate a small bit of your health in combat for one last fighting chance before you die
  • Abnormal Endurance – Increases your health
  • Eldritch Endurance – Further increases your health
  • Furtive Lurker – Reduces fall damage by 50%
  • Indigestible – Reduces the damage dealt to Charles by man-eating eels by 50%
  • Privateye the Sailor – Increases the melee damage by a small bit
  • Lightning Bruiser – Increases the speed of melee attacks


These skills are related to Charles’ mental strength and crafting skills. These also play an important role in helping Charles survive by making him smarter and more efficient. Skills in this category include:

  • Smart Picking – Allows you to carry 25 pieces of any crafting material
  • Crafting Efficiency: Ammunition – Grants you a 15% chance to save materials while crafting ammunition
  • Crafting Efficiency: Explosives – Grants you a 15% chance to save materials while crafting explosives
  • Crafting Efficiency: Supplies – Grants you a 15% chance to save materials while crafting first aid kits, sanity kits and traps
  • Master Survivalist – Grants an additional 10% chance to save materials while crafting any sort of items in the game
  • Absolute Clarity – Grants you more experience along with increases your resistance to losing sanity
  • Radiant Mind – Increases your resistance to losing sanity by 15%
  • Effulgent Mind – Further increases your resistance to losing sanity by 25%
  • Detective Analysis – Grants you additional 10% experience from all sources
  • Deductive Method – Grants you an additional 15% experience from all sources
  • No Charity – Grants you a 50% chance of getting double quest reward items
  • Silver Tongue – Doubles the amount of quest reward items that you get

These are all the skills that you can upgrade in the Skills tab in the pause menu. Every time you earn 1000 experience, you will gain 1 Knowledge Point that you can spend to unlock any one of these skills. However, Skills work in a table and before moving to advanced skills, you must purchase the basic skills required for it.

Best Skills to Opt for First

Despite all skills being equally important in the game, there still are some skills that acquired early on in the game will help you much better than the other ones in the long run. During your early cases, make sure that you opt for the skills that increase your health and sanity resistance. Along with this, opt for the skills that grant you more experience which in return will help you level up more quickly so that you can unlock more skills quickly.

Two skills chains that you must acquire as quickly as possible are:

  • Unnatural Recovery>Abnormal Endurance> Eldritch Endurance (This will increase your health and give you a small health regeneration boost)
  • Absolute Charity>Detective Analysis>Deductive Method (This will increase the amount of experience that you gain dramatically)

These six skills must be your first six skills that you must unlock in The Sinking City. The increased health will ensure that you stay alive longer while the extra experience earned from every activity will ensure that you are earning more Knowledge Points allowing you to purchase the remaining skills much more quickly.

After these six skills, you can move to other skills such as increasing your effectiveness with the weapons or going towards increasing your sanity resistance or double quest item rewards. Another helpful chain is the one that allows you to preserve your crafting materials in the Mind Skills tab.

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This concludes our The Sinking City Skills Guide. If you want to add anything to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below.

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