Horror Investigation Game The Sinking City is now Available for Pre-Order

The Sinking City Into the Depths

Bigben and Frogwares studio have released a brand new gameplay video of their upcoming horror investigation game The Sinking City which is available now for pre-order. The new video showcases a mission, A Delicate Matter, from the full game which is in the early hours of the game and it shows the in-game investigation mechanics in action.

The mission is given to Charles by Mr. Throgmorthon who is the head of one of the leading families in Oakmont. He tasks Charles with handling a delicate matter which requires finding a receiver of stolen art who has disappeared just before closing the sale of a valuable item. Naturally, Mr. Throgmorthon wants it back at all costs.

Now it is up to the players to investigate and unfold the mysteries behind the task which is actually far more complicated than it first seemed. The game does not guide the player in any way so they are on their own when it comes to investigations and solving mysteries. The player will have the option to question as many people in the game as they want and then use their own logic to join the pieces of the puzzle and solve the mystery.

Check out the new gameplay video:

From today, The Sinking City is now also available for pre-order across all platforms. Both physical and digital versions of The Sinking City can now be pre-ordered from this site. The game comes in a standard version as well as the Necronomicon Edition which comes with Investigation Pack, Worshippers of the Necronomicon 3-quest pack along with 48-hour early access to the game.

The Sinking City Pre-Order

The Necronomicon Edition is limited to digital only however the physical edition of The Sinking City comes with a very cool physical map of the game. Standard Edition comes in both digital and physical form so players can choose their version and pre-order it right now. Earlier The Sinking City was delayed for three months but now the game is all geared up for release next month.

The Sinking City is slated for release on June 27, 2019, on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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