The Sinking City Frosty Welcome Walkthrough – 100% Completion

The Sinking City Frosty Welcome

In this The Sinking City Frosty Welcome Walkthrough guide, we will detail the walkthrough of the first chapter of the game. the first case you encounter in the game is Frosty Welcome, where you need to be part of this big investigation, which sets the tone for the entire game ahead of you

Our guide will cover all the objectives in each chapter, with the step by step process of completing the first case of The Sinking City. This case involves the protagonist Reed who will meet Robert Throgmorton for the first time. You are then required to investigate and clues about his missing son Albert Throgmorton.

The Sinking City Frosty Welcome Walkthrough

Below we have detailed the walkthrough of the first case of the game; Frosty Welcome.

The Ship

The game begins with Reed on the Charon Ship that lands at the Oakmont City-Port. Before you head out, you can explore a few things in the cabin. Pick up the Folding Camera and take the letter from J. van der Berg. Pick up the pistol and search the locker for crafting materials and random loot.

You can also find take a photo of a trophy plate. However, you can only take a picture of it when the white frames appear. Lastly, look at the advertisement that is lying on the table.

When you are done exploring the cabin, you can head out and go to the next objective.

Johannes van der Berg

Once you step out of the ship, you need to get off the deck and talk to Johannes van der Berg, who is waiting for you. Talk to him about everything until you have chosen all the options of dialogues.

Johannes will give you a Hotel Room key and that you need to meet Robert Throgmorton. Get off the pier and go towards the port. Now you need to turn right, as this will lead you straight to Fisherman’s House. Talk to Robert Throgmorton who will show you the crime scene. He will as you to find his son Albert.

Fisherman’s House

In Fisherman’s House, there are many items that you can investigate. Firstly, you need to look at the dog mat and then search the locker that contains a little bit of loot. take a look at the open book beside the lamp.

Go to the upper floor and look at the knocked over furniture. At this point, you can interrogate Will Hammond and take his Testimony. Additionally, you can investigate the blood on the floor, and look at the body of a beaten up man.

Investigate the poster on the wall, and look under the poker table. You can also find a chest here containing a little bit of loot. There will be a knife lying on the table, and the box of bottles of alcohol. Investigate the family photos and the round object lying on the bed. USe your Mind’s Eye and rotate the round object and position it. When you interact with it, look at the picture from the past that will show a levitating person.

Investigating and Finding Albert

Use your Retrocognition and immerse yourself in the blue are what will appear on the second floor of the house. Interact with all the areas which will trigger a short scene. Your task is to put these scenes in chronological order.

Once you do that, you will get proof of a House Fight and you will conclude that Albert was not himself after waking up. You will learn that the man attacks the fisherman and then fled after sustaining injuries.

You can also use Mind Palace here for the first time. This will allow you to combine clues into pairs and unlock new deductions.

Your next ability is to Follow the Omens, where you can use the Mind’s Eye to see remnant silhouettes of a running Albert. Get down from the house and go take the exit. Follow the signs and you will find that the fishermen were chasing Albert.

Use your Mind Palace to connect more clues. You will find that Albert fled when he was wounded and was being chased by Lewis. You will deduce that Lewis had the intention to kill Albert. When you continue by following the omens, you will come across an imprint of a bloody hand on a chest.

Now you have to go to the Warehouse that will be East of Fisherman’s House. Check the blood trail that goes to the entrance of the basement.  There is a trunk and suitcase here that will contain some loot for you. You can examine a torn piece of jacket here. Check the pockets of the jacket and you will find a Blood-stained note.

The basement will have a locked door as well, you need to melee it to break open the lock. Head inside and you will find a little monster that you have to kill. Continue the investigation and you will find the corpse of Albert handing inside. Now conclude this part of the investigation by connecting the clues in Mind Palace. Collect Bar owner is indebted to Lewis and Lewis Left the crime scene. You will deduce that Lewis might be at the bar.

Albert Throgmorton’s Will

There is another additional item you can find at the Titania Lifeboat. Go southwest of the fisherman’s house and on the shore, you will find the lifeboat. Take the Will from the boat and head to find Lewis.

There is also a helmet lying in the boat that you can investigate. Finally, study the red TITANIA inscription.

Find Lewis

You know that Lewis is at the bar, and you can either go to Robert Throgmorton to tell about Lewis, or you can go investigate further by going to Lewis yourself. Lewis can be found at the Under the Keel Bar.

At the bar, you should talk to the bartender and ask him about Lewis. The Bartender will then give you the Bartender’s Key. Now you need to head up to the second floor of the bar to meet Lewis Flynn. Talk to him and you will have Lewis Flynn’s Testimony.

Here is when you can decide what to do. You can make a promise to him or not about his acts. If you agree to keep his secret, he will give you bullets. Open your Mind Palace and jot down the conclusion that Albert was murder and Lewis was affected by Hysteria. You have to deduce that Lewis was mentally affected.

Report Back to Robert Throgmorton

Finally, you have to go back to Robert and tell him about the fate of his son. You can decide whether to tell him that the murderer is alive and is at the bar. Or you can lie to Robert that the murderer is dead.

Whichever option you go for, you will complete the case and be rewarded with XP, Bullets, Revolver, and Antipsychotics.

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