The Seven Awakenings: | Randall Announced with a May Release Date for PC

The Seven Awakenings: | Randall

Indie developer Cat Soul Studios has announced its new game The Seven Awakenings: | Randall which is slated for release later this month. The Seven Awakenings: | Randall is slated for release on May 19, 2023, exclusively on PC via Steam. The Seven Awakenings: | Randall is a game where you will set up your very own shop and try to manage your economy while keeping the customers happy. The game also includes plenty of combat as you will fight with bandits while collecting different elements that will help you figure out what happened to you in your previous life.

You can check out The Seven Awakenings: | Randall in action in its official trailer below:

The game follows the journey of Randall who was born in Great Britain and was kidnapped by bandits while he was exploring some fields. The bandits brought him to the city of Cheshire where you are now starting your life as a shop owner. The game is set in the Middle Ages and you start fresh from an empty shop. As you serve your customers well and they return to your shop to give you more business, you will gradually expand your setup. While doing so, you will also visit the fortuneteller to hear prophecies and collect different items that will allow you to learn about your own past.

The Seven Awakenings: | Randall

The official Steam page of The Seven Awakenings: | Randall lists the key features of the game as:

  • A city in England…
  • Dozens of products that can be sold at the player’s shop.
  • Royal Taxes and Rent (Make sure to pay your royal taxes and shop rent on time!)
  • Thieves and Bandits…
  • Supplying goods to sell from the ship that docks in the harbor
  • Tavern for relaxation
  • Free roaming
  • Customizing your own home with furniture
  • Customizing your own shop with stands
  • Day and night cycle with real-time clock
  • Dynamic weather conditions (Clear, Overcast, Rainy)
  • Unique city views
  • Bookkeeping
  • Visiting the seer to learn various prophecies that include the present day
  • Books with interesting stories
  • Crafting. Collecting and combining various elements
  • Storage and use of weapons such as swords, bows, arrows, and axes
  • Lord’s reception hall and receiving tasks from the Lord.
  • Health and hunger status
  • -and much more…
  • Don’t forget to pay your royal taxes on time. Otherwise, you will be exiled!

A Steam page of The Seven Awakenings: | Randall is currently live and if you are interested in the game, you can head there to add the game to your wishlist. It is slated for release on May 19, 2023, and additional details about the game will be revealed in the coming days.

What are your thoughts on The Seven Awakenings: | Randall and it is something that you might be interested in playing when it comes out? Let us know in the comments section below.

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