PS VR Exclusive The Persistence is Going Multiplatform, Won’t Require VR Headsets

The Persistence Multiplatform

Perp Games has announced that it is teaming up with the developer Firesprite Games to bring their PS VR horror title The Persistence to different platforms. The PS VR exclusive is ditching VR and will make its way to Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PS4 this summer. A PC release is not yet announced however it might be released later since The Persistence is going multiplatform.

Announced on their official Twitter account, Perp Games announced that The Persistence will be released as a physical title for Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and PS4 and it will not require the PS VR headset anymore to be enjoyed by players. This is the first time a PS VR exclusive title is releasing as a normal title however we have already seen different PlayStation exclusives release on different platforms before.

The Persistence was released on PS VR back in 2018 where it was critically acclaimed by fans however releasing a title on VR seriously limits the audience of the video game. Not a lot of gaming fans can afford a VR headset at this point and many suffer from different health issues while using a VR headset such as nausea and headache. Because of this factor, any VR exclusive title has a seriously low fan base as a lot of gamers simply skip them.

This is about to be changed with The Persistence as more and more players will now be able to enjoy the game without the worry of headaches, nausea or the expensive equipment. Allowing a multi-platform release also ensures that more players will get to enjoy the game on their favorite console.

The Persistence is a horror roguelike where you play as a clone aboard a ship that is overrun by different monsters and creatures. Each level in the game is procedurally-generated which ensures that every run in the game is unique and different from the previous one. Since the game is a roguelike, every time you die in the game, you are replaced with a brand new clone. The game also has some survival and horror elements thrown in the mix.

It also features a unique drop-in and drop-out multiplayer where another player can jump in the game and help the host player in their game or make it a nightmare. The second player does not require a headset to join as they do so by using their phones and an app. This makes it a very fun game to try out once it releases without the VR requirement.

Are you looking forward to playing The Persistence when it launches later this year without the VR requirement and goes multiplatform? Let us know in the comments section below.

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