The Pegasus Expedition Gets First Major Early Access Update Scattered Empires

The Pegasus Expedition Scattered Empires

Publisher Fulqrum Publishing and developer Kalla Gameworks have announced the release of the first major content update Scattered Empires for The Pegasus Expedition. The Pegasus Expedition is a new story-driven, sci-fi grand strategy game and is currently available in Early Access on PC via Steam, GOG, and Epic Games Store. The free Scattered Empires update will introduce freeform 4X scenarios along with new playable factions to the game. Check out the new Scattered Empires trailer for The Pegasus Expedition below:

Scattered Empires is the first of four planned Early Access content updates for The Pegasus Expedition and in the update, players will find their intrepid expedition at a randomized starting location somewhere within the Pegasus Galaxy, faced with the challenging objective of building six Arges Facilities in six different colonies. This is the highest tier of an inhabited world and you will be using all gameplay mechanics and features from the main game in this scenario. Your tasks include exploring, colonizing, researching, and waging war throughout the galaxy as you see fit.

These scenarios will also introduce brand-new playable factions to the game as Scattered Empires will give players the choice of four human fleets – The Zeus Link, 1st Expeditionary Fleet, The Daras Combine’s AI-Musta’mara, and The Pegasus Republic. Each of these fleets offers its own unique set of advantages and disadvantages that will significantly impact playstyle and the scenario gameplay experience. The new update is now live in the game and you can update your version to the latest one in order to experience the new content.

If you are new to The Pegasus Expedition, it is a story-driven, sci-fi grand strategy game set at a time when humanity is trying its best to survive in a world on the brink of destruction. As humanity is facing an overwhelming threat at home, an expedition is sent into the Pegasus Galaxy in a desperate attempt to find a refuge for the population of Earth but the team finds itself in the middle of an interstellar war they accidentally started.

The Pegasus Expedition is now available on PC in Early Access via Steam, GOG, and Epic Games Store. The game will remain in Early Access for some time and with the release of the very first update, The Pegasus Expedition will now receive three more planned updates later on in the future. Details on these updates will be shared at a later time. You can check out the previously released early access release trailer for the game as well.

Are you looking forward to jumping into The Pegasus Expedition to try out the new Scattered Empires update? Let us know in the comments section below.

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