New The Lords of the Fallen Screenshots Showcase Massive Bosses

Lords of the Fallen Overview Trailer

Publisher CI Games and developer Hexworks have released brand-new screenshots of their upcoming game The Lords of the Fallen that showcase massive bosses that we will get to fight in the game. The Lords of the Fallen is a dark-fantasy action RPG that is set in a dark and twisted world. While on your way to confront the demon God, Adyr, you will first need to face and defeat tons of other bosses as well, and judging by the latest screenshots released for the title, these boss battles are going to be epic.

The new bosses revealed in these screenshots include the Congregator of Flesh, Reinhold, and The Lightreaper boss. The Congregator of Flesh looks absolutely huge and apparently has a huge face with plenty of teeth and judging by how small a human being looks in one of its arms, it is certainly huge in size. Apart from him, the second boss Reinhold looks towering as well and looks like a giant zombie that can smash you in one hit. It has thorns coming out of its legs and has long claws for nails. The final boss revealed is The Lightreaper who joins the fight riding a huge three-headed creature.

All of the three bosses revealed in the new screenshots look amazing and look really tough to beat as well. Apart from the bosses, the new screenshots also seem to be revealing some new locations that we will be exploring when the game comes out. Upper Calrath is a wasteland with lava rivers and destroyed structures here and there with plenty of mountains and cliffs littering the horizon. Path of Devotion is yet another location where we will be fighting a mini-boss type of enemy wielding a giant hammer.

Finally, we have the Forsaken Fen which appears like a forest location with ruins inside it. It has some sort of cult residing inside it as well as we can see from one of the screenshots where the enemies are wearing masks and look like a tribe. We will have to wait and see confirmed details about these locations as CI Games and Hexworks continue to reveal additional details about The Lords of the Fallen. Make sure to check out the previously released trailer for The Lords of the Fallen as well.

The Lords of the Fallen is slated for a 2023 release on PC, Xbox Series X|S, and PS5. You can add the game to your wishlist on PC via Steam, Epic Games Store, and PS Store. A confirmed release date will be announced later.

Are you looking forward to playing The Lords of the Fallen and what do you think of the new screenshots revealed of the game? Let us know in the comments section below.

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