The Last Campfire is a New Adventure Title Unveiled by Hello Games

The Last Campfire

Hello Games which is known for games like No Man’s Sky, has unveiled a new game called The Last Campfire. The game is scheduled for a launch in 2019, however no release date has been confirmed yet.

Sean Murray of Hello Games describes the new game as an adventure, telling the story of a lost Ember searching for a meaning and a way home. The adventure is filled with lost fold, strange creatures and mysterious ruins set in a beautiful wilderness. Take a look at the trailer below that was shown at The Game Awards 2018.

There was not much information provided aside from the trailer and the brief description, however, the game is being worked specifically by Steven Burgess and Chris Symonds, who were the lead designers and lead artist respectively of LostWinds at Frontier Developments before they joined Hello Games.

The Last Campfire is an adventure, a story of a lost Ember trapped in a puzzling place, searching for meaning and a way home,” Hello say. “Together you will discover a beautiful wilderness filled with lost folk, strange creatures and mysterious ruins.

Hello Games has released No Man’s Sky in 2016, and has been adding many significant upgrades by bringing in many updates to the game. The studio has been busy making the game sit well with the fans who were very critical of the game at the launch. The updates over the years has made the game a lot improved compared to how it was released.

The updates are still coming strong, as there was a recent update called “Visions” that was released in late November. The update brought many new changes to the game, from new worlds, bizarre new creatures, global community missions and lots more to discover in the game.

Are you looking forward to playing The Last Campfire? Let us know in the comments below.

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