The Invisible Hand is a Satirical Stock Market Simulator Launching in May

Review: The Invisible Hand

The Invisible Hand is set to launch next month in May as announced by publisher Fellow Traveller and developer Power Struggle Game. The game is a satirical stock market simulator where you can get rich quickly as the stock prices rise to the moon.

The game will launch on PC via Steam, GOG, and Humble on May 7, 2021. You can try out a free demo of the game which will be available at the LudoNarraCon even running from April 23-26.

Check out The Invisible Hand announcement trailer below:

The Invisible Hand combines a satirical take on stock trading with a thought-provoking narrative to create an illuminating tale of finance and personal responsibility. You’ll begin the game on your very first day at the trading firm FERIOS, a brokerage where they turn a blind eye to breaking the rules as long as you deliver results. Profit is what matters and the rules don’t apply to winners. Plenty of others want your position, so it’s up to you to make money, at any cost.

Buy, sell or short the stocks, your job is to make money for Ferios. Buy the stocks going up or sell them before they go down. Short the ones you think are sure to fall, or the ones you intentionally want to make fall. The more money you can make, the bigger the commission you will end up with.

The Invisible Hand

You can even manipulate the market if you are really smart and find out ways to influence the market to your advantage. Whether it is to lobby an influential group to affect the market or drive down the currency of a foreign country to improve the margins. More money you make means more successful you are.

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