Upcoming Dark Adventure Game The Inquisitor Gets New Teaser Trailer

The Inquisitor Trailer

Publisher Kalypso Media and developer The Dust S.A. have released the latest teaser trailer for their upcoming dark adventure game The Inquisitor. The latest trailer for The Inquisitor dives into the sinful story behind the main campaign of the game where Christ descends full of wrath to seek revenge. The trailer gives us a small insight into the grim events that led to the city of Koenigstein’s turbulent history. Check out the new trailer below and see what caused Christ to become so vengeful in an alternate-history universe:

The trailer also shows a little bit of the in-game world that you will explore when the game comes out and so far, it appears really promising. The story showcased in the trailer is in the form of a puppet show taking place inside the game universe and it looks really neat. The Inquisitor is a unique game set in an alternate 1500 A.D. where corruption and sin have taken over. In this alternate reality, Jesus did not die at the cross and managed to escape with his life and later returned seeking vengeance on non-believers.

The game is set in the city of Koenigstein where players will jump into the shoes of Mordimer Madderdin, a servant of God and an Inquisitor whose duty is to investigate the crimes that plague the walls of the city. As you explore the city, you figure out that the malevolent mysteries extend far beyond the outskirts of Koenigstein. Mordimer is able to enter the mysterious Unworld where he can uncover the secrets that lie deep within the souls of his suspects. You will take on different story-driven cases and use strategic sleuthing to track down and interrogate suspects, piece together evidence and if the need arises, use brute force to reveal the sacred truth.

The Inquisitor Teaser Trailer

The Inquisitor is slated for release on PC, Xbox Series X|S, and PS5 in Q4 2023 and you can add the game to your PC wishlist via Steam now. Additional details about the game will be revealed in the coming months.

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