Environmental Thriller The Forest Cathedral Makes its Way to PC, Xbox

Publisher Whitethorn Games and developer Brian Wilson have announced the launch of their environmental thriller The Forest Cathedral. The Forest Cathedral is a first-person psychological thriller set on a remote island. You jump in the game as the scientist Rachel Carson as you slowly uncover the effects of DDT by using advanced environmental technology to solve 2D and 3D connected puzzles in this dramatic retelling of Silent Spring.

Check out the launch trailer for The Forest Cathedral below which showcases what you can expect from the game when you jump in it:

The Forest Cathedral combines together a rich narrative with platforming puzzles as players explore the mysterious Science Island while trying to find out the reasons behind the surge of dying wildlife. The game is inspired by the majesty of the Forest Cathedral found in Cook Forest State Park. The game is inspired by the events surrounding real-life scientist Rachel Carson who investigated the harmful pesticide known as DDT. The game is a dramatic reimagining of Carson’s book Silent Spring.

In the game, players will take on the role of Rachel, who is exploring the island in a field research biologist position on the island. As you complete her weekly tasks, she finds out that things are not what they seem to be and the pesticide is having horrific effects on the environment. As you use advanced environmental technology to complete puzzles that weave together 3D exploration and 2D platforming, you will figure out the secrets of the island. A lot of people will try to silence her however it is your job to let everyone know the truth about the island.

Key features of The Forest Cathedral include:

  • Hey, Little Man: Switch control between Rachel Carson in the 3D world and the Little Man inside the 2D world of her advanced environmental scanning tools in order to solve puzzles and platforming challenges
  • Nature in Peril: Explore a meticulously crafted forested island, dense with trees, animals, fish, and insects, all impacted by the dangerous effects of DDT
  • The Sound of the Silence: The game features a fully voiced narrative to invest players in the harrowing history of the attempted silencing of Rachel Carson, backed by an enchanting original soundtrack

The Forest Cathedral

The Forest Cathedral is currently available on Xbox Series X|S and PC via Steam and if you are interested in playing the game, you can purchase it on the platform of your choice and jump into it. The Forest Cathedral is the second game by the developer Brian Wilson whose first release was the cute little game Where the Bees Make Honey.

Are you looking forward to playing The Forest Cathedral? Let us know in the comments section below.

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