The Division 2 Raid Guide – How to Beat Boomer in Operation Dark Hours

The Division 2 Raid Guide

In this The Division 2 Raid Guide, we will show you how you can defeat Boomer in the latest raid that has arrived in the game. Operation Dark Hours has been recently introduced in The Division 2.

The raid is set in Washington D.C.’s Ronald Reagan National Airport, where the first boss you encounter is Boomer. This is one of the toughest bosses you will face in the raid so this guide will help you in defeating Boomer.

The Division 2 Raid Guide

Everything you need to know about defeating Boomer is listed below

How to Beat Boomer Bailey

Boomer Bailey is the first boss in The Division 2 Dark Hours Raid. Boomer is no easy target to take down and relies on teamwork. Boomer is pretty immune to damage in the early part of the fight.

The best way to kill Boomer is to split the group in two. once group should control the miniguns and use them to destroy the Immune Defense Systems as directed by the on-screen objective. After you have destroyed all the four Defense Systems, the encounter with Boomer begins.

Firstly, you will come across a large group of enemies. You might be tempted to use the turrets here, but they are best saved for later. When you have killed enough grunts, Boomer will enter the area.

Boomer is always looking to target one person from your team, it may be anyone that can see a red eye icon on Boomer as he launches towards you. You can also see the red icon on the player that is being targeted by Boomer. This is the best time to attack Boomer, which is what other teammates should do when he is targeting one specific player.

At this point, there are two specific things for the two members of your group. The agent that is being targeted by Boomer, and has the red eye gaze on him should focus all his firepower on the green panel on the boss’ chest, while also luring him to the location where the turrets are. Once boomer has turned its back against the turret, another player has to use the turret and spray bullets at the red box on his backpack.

If done right, Boomer will fall on his knees. When this happens, your whole team should shoot with everything they have that deals with maximum damage. Make sure all of your team members are also shooting at his head to deal more damage.

The defense generators will then go up again and you will have to destroy them again before you can repeat the whole process. Alternatively, you can also use the laptops in the middle of the room. Interact with the laptop that has the right letter in order to stop the defense from going up again.

This fight is no easy task and can be very arduous and challenging, but you should not give up and keep repeating. You should also not give Boomer a chance to heal and keep the pressure on the green chest panel to prevent that happening.

Another thing you should be aware of is that when Boomer has his gaze on a player, and if he is nearby the turret, Boomer will disable the turret permanently by destroying it. This can make this very hard for you so you should be aware that you lure him close to the turret, but not close enough for him to destroy it.

Boomer is the first boss in the raid, and arguably the only toughest boss in the raid, so you should not worry when you progress in the raid.

Once you have beaten Boomer, you will be given a few possible rewards. All gear has a guaranteed Gear Score of 500. It is worth mentioning that the loot drops are random so your results may vary. The rewards for beating Boomer are:

  • Negotiator’s Dilemma Nibble Backpack Blueprint
  • Wyvern Wear Didactyl Pad Holster
  • Military M60 E4
  • SRS A1
  • Gear Mod – Utility Protocol: Intensity
  • 586 Magnum

This concludes our The Division 2 Raid Guide. Post your comments below.

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