The Division 2’s Fourth Title Update Will Add the New Gunner Specialization Today

The Division 2 Gunner

Ubisoft is set to release the update 4 of The Division 2 today that will see the addition of the first post launch specialization: The Gunner. Players who have the Season Pass will get access to the Gunner immediately when the update goes live. Everyone else without the Season Pass will have to complete five stages of challenges to get the Gunner.

The Gunner will bring a new signature weapon in the shape of a minigun and it comes with its own skill tree. This is the fourth addition of weapon and it joins the already existing grenade launcher, crossbow and heavy sniper rifle Specializations. The Gunner can also carry Riot Foam grenades and use the Banshee signature skill. This skill allows you to confuse enemies in its range even when they are in cover.

The minigun has its drawbacks, and the one being the most obvious is its heavy weight. This restricts your ability to use cover, roll or sprint. However, since its best to just spray down enemies, it also provides teammates the cover they need, and also supplies them with extra ammo.

The update also comes with some rework as the Reviver Hive skill has been improved, while rewards for most projects have been increased. In addition to all this, there are a lot of bug fixes that are also going to be implemented to better the gameplay experience.

As mentioned before, players who have the Season Pass will get the Gunner immediately. Any other players will have to complete give stage challenges that are unknown as of yet. We expect more details to come out when the update goes live.

At the time of writing, The Division 2 servers are currently offline because of the update, but should be live anytime now. The maintenance was scheduled to begin at 12:30 am PDT and was supposed to run for a few hours.

What do you think of the Gunner specialization that comes in The Division 2 Updated? Post your comments below.

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