The Dark Pictures: Little Hope Might be Heading for Launch in June

The Dark Pictures: Little Hope

Supermassive Games’ upcoming title The Dark Pictures: Little Hope is rumored to be releasing in June this year. A leak on Reddit suggested that a German retailer by the name of Saturn has claimed that the game will be available on June 15.

The first title in The Dark Pictures anthology was Man of Medan, which was released last year in August, and was an instant success on both consoles and PC. While Supermassive Games has no official word of Little Hope, the game was expected for a Summer release. This would have coincided with the Man of Medan release back in August 2019.

The German retailer has also leaked the box art of the game, while also posting some of the game details. The second game in The Dark Pictures series will follow the story of four college students who are trapped along with their teacher in a haunted village called Little Hope. The gameplay will be very similar to that of Man of Medan and Until Dawn, which are both made by Supermassive Games.

The game details were shared posted in German, however, a rough translation by Google tells you what the story of the game will feature.

Every new game is influenced by real events, whether fact, fiction or legend, and includes a completely new story, environment, and characters. Every new game in The Dark Pictures Anthology delivers a new, cinematic horror experience. This can be played alone or in the multiplayer modes: “Shared story” – share your gaming experience online with a friend and “movie night”, where up to five people can play with just one controller being passed around. Little Hope is the second game by The Dark Pictures Anthology. Four college students and their teacher find themselves trapped and isolated in the abandoned town of Little Hope. There they try to flee from nightmarish appearances, which they pursue mercilessly from the impenetrable fog.

Your task in the game is to follow the story that unfolds, and help every character survive the horrors that reside in Little Hope. The game is also reportedly going to feature a shared story mode allowing you to play co-op online with your friends. In addition, there is also a Movie Night co-op mode that can be played locally with five players and on one controller.

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