Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown Gets New Cinematic Trailer

Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown Trailer

NACON and KT Racing have released a new cinematic trailer or I would like to say teaser for the upcoming Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown. Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown is the brand-new title in the long-running Test Drive franchise and it is coming after years of the franchise going down. The game was revealed back in 2020 during NACON Connect 2020 and the developer promises that it will be the biggest Test Drive experience to date.

The latest cinematic trailer gives us a small taste of the DNA of the series which is on display: ‘immersion in a richly detailed world combined with a passion for extraordinary cars’. The game will feature dream cars, customization, avatars, competition, open world, casino, and style. NACON claims that the game will remain faithful to the franchise but at the same time add a wide range of new touches which will certainly make fans of the series very happy.

Check out the new cinematic trailer for Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown below:

The trailer showcases the Range Rover SVR and an Aston Mastin DB11 driving around in an underground car park before lining up for a head-to-head race. As they line up for the race, the trailer also gives us a small glimpse of what life in the game is when you are not driving the vehicles including a casino scene with people wearing exotic jewelry and clothing. While the Aston Martin looks pretty standard, the Range Rover SVR appears to have half of the body covered in a gold wrap.

Test Drive has always appealed to the elite lifestyle focusing on exotic cars, huge mansions, and beautiful islands and settings. Solar Crown appears to be taking it to the next level as we can see from the new cinematic trailer. At this time, we have very little information about the game however the trailer reveals that additional details about the game will be shared in July 2021. We would love to see a full reveal of the title including gameplay.

What do you think about the new cinematic trailer reveal of Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown? Let us know in the comments section below.

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