Stitch Media Announces Top 40 in Terrorarium Scholarship Contest


Canadian game developer Stitch Media has just revealed the names of the top 40 creators participating in the Terrorarium level design competition that began earlier this year.

The contest was established to give concrete-level design experience to students and new grads. The scholarship contest will hand out a cash prize, game design credit, and invaluable thorough feedback from the esteemed panel of judges.

The competition saw the designs of 125 students and new graduates from 54 institutions across Canada, the US, and the UK. The participants submitted levels built in Terrorarium, which is a game still in Early Access on Steam. Close to 200 levels were made and submitted for judging.

Founder of Stitch Media, Evan Jones talked about the submissions,

The first thing we look at when hiring designers is a strong portfolio. With Terrorarium we decided to give emerging game designers a sandbox where they could showcase their skills. Giving them an early career boost with an in-game credit for level design on their portfolio helps this incredible young talent stand out in a crowded market.

Honestly, the submissions have surpassed our wildest expectations. Contestants have reinvented our game with their creativity – we have submissions where you start at the finish line and have to play the entire level backwards, and even a level that’s built entirely underground!

The Terrorarium Level Design Contest jury will collectively determine the finalists and grand prize winners based on creativity, originality, and fun. The judging panel is made up a variety of talent from across the games industry, including:

  • Joel Burgess, Studio Director at CAPY
  • Wendy Despain, Director of Production for AreaNet
  • Eric Tam, Senior Manager of Business Development at Twitch
  • Dr. Kate Raynes-Goldie, Co-founder of Atmosphere Industries Studio
  • Aurélien Larue, Senior Level Design at Torn Banner Studios

The grand prize-winning submission, Murder Garden, will now receive a cash scholarship of $2,000 CAD in addition to being credited and having their level featured in the game. Other prizes may include level design credit by Stitch Media, their levels featured within Terrorarium, Nintendo Switch consoles, and personalized feedback from the jury.

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