Terror at Oakheart: A Retro-Inspired Horror Adventure Unleashed on Steam

In a spine-chilling collaboration between developer Tainted Pact and publisher Assemble Entertainment, the eerie sidescrolling horror adventure Terror at Oakheart has been unleashed upon PC gamers via Steam. Brace yourself as you step into the unsettling town of Oakheart, where a malevolent force known as Teddy prowls the streets, leaving a trail of terror in his wake. Can you unravel the sinister secrets shrouding this cursed town and survive the night?

Drawing inspiration from the iconic slasher films of the ’80s and ’90s, Terror at Oakheart thrusts players into a nightmarish tale of survival against a relentless serial killer. Dubbed Teddy, this psychotic murderer is not your average villain; he’s a puppet under the influence of Lovecraftian horror, adding an extra layer of dread to the unfolding nightmare. Assume the roles of Eric, Ethan, Rose, Tyler, and other hapless victims as you navigate the perilous streets of Oakheart, each step bringing you closer to confronting the true horrors lurking beneath the surface.

Check out the launch trailer below:

Traverse through haunting locales such as Teddy’s sinister abode, the desolate police station, ranger outposts, and campgrounds, piecing together the puzzle of Teddy’s past and Oakheart’s dark history. With its captivating pixel art style reminiscent of classic ’80s and ’90s aesthetics, Terror at Oakheart delivers an immersive experience dripping with nostalgia and dread, guaranteed to keep players gripped with fear.

Key Features:

  • Uncover the Mystery: Dive deep into the heart of Oakheart and uncover its chilling secrets hidden within each sinister location.
  • Confront the Darkness: Investigate the twisted mind of Teddy, a deranged serial killer ensnared by the clutches of an otherworldly entity.
  • Survival of the Fittest: Experience the harrowing journey of a diverse cast of characters, each fighting for survival against the relentless onslaught of Teddy.

Terror at Oakheart

Terror at Oakheart is now available on Steam for $7.99, with an enticing 15% launch discount. Curious players can also delve into the game’s first chapter and prologue for free on Steam. Embark on this bone-chilling adventure if you dare and brace yourself for an unforgettable journey into the heart of darkness.

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