Team Sonic Racing Delayed to 2019, SEGA Wants More Time On the Game

Sega Sonic Nintendo Switch

In recent development, SEGA has announced that they are delaying the much-anticipated Team Sonic Racing to next year and the game will now release on May 21, 2019.

Earlier SEGA had hinted that the Sonic the Hedgehog’s racing title will be arriving some time later in Winter 2018. However now SEGA has announced officially that the game will not be coming this year and instead will launch next year in early summer season.

Sega’s official words on the delay were

During this additional time, Sega and Sumo Digital will continue to hone the title to enhance the player experience to ensure Team Sonic Racing delivers the best gameplay experience possible, we understand that many fans were looking forward to a Winter release and apologize for any inconvenience caused.

It is not new for developers to delay the game for taking more time on development to ensure that a glitch free product is launched. Team Sonic Racing’s demo was playable during E3 2018 and those who got to try the demo were not initially impressed with the title.

Considering that, it is a good decision that SEGA is taking a little more time to work on the game so that they can add more content to the game and make sure that the game is glitch free when the game comes out next year.

Team Sonic Racing was originally announced the game before E3 2018 in May but no confirmed release date was announced for the title. However, certain announcements and some leaks later on pointed on towards a Winter 2018 release however now it has been pushed to next year as per the latest development.

It is a kart racing game featuring single player and multiplayer and works around the formula of previous Sonic racing games launched earlier. SEGA’s main motivation behind Team Sonic Racing is Sonic Heroes which was launched back in 2003.

Team Sonic Racing will come out on PS4, Xbox One, PC and Nintendo Switch on May 21, 2019.

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