Tropical Adventure Game Tchia Gets Second Video Detailing the World of the Game

Tchia Video

Developer Awaceb Studio and publisher Kepler Interactive have released the second episode of their mini-series of behind-the-scenes videos for their upcoming title Tchia. Tchia is a tropical adventure game, and it features breathtaking landscapes, and the new behind-the-scenes video goes over how the development team took its inspiration from the in-game flora, fauna, and the rich culture of New Caledonia. Check it out below before we jump into additional details:

Tchia takes its inspiration from the two friends who grew up in New Caledonia and founded Awaceb. The game is inspired by the sparkling explorations of these two friends on the archipelago: the customs and traditions. Everything in the game is inspired by the customs and traditions of the region. The game will deliver more than just traditional sand beaches, coconuts, and trees as some areas feel completely different biomes just like that in the real world. Different areas, flora, and fauna that are found in real life have made their way into the game.

These include locations such as Drowned Forest, Yate, Jokin cliffs from the Lifou Island, Roche percee, Bourail, and Poule de Hienghene which is shaped like a chicken. Fauna such as the iconic endemic bird Cagou and Banded Sea Krait is also present in the game while flora includes the ancient Giant Kaori, which is around 1000 years old, and the Banyan Tree which is considered the Home of the Spirits. All of this is featured in the world of Tchia, and players will be able to experience them when Tchia launches in early 2023.

Tchia Video

Tchia offers an open-world sandbox adventure where players can experience the adventure of a lifetime. You will explore the depths of the ocean and become one with nature as you embody more than 30 animals and several hundred different objects found in the game. However, all is not well on the island as it has been invaded by the vile administrator of the archipelago who has kidnapped Tchia’s father, and now it is up to you to free him using everything you have at your disposal.

Tchia is slated for release on PC and PlayStation in Spring 2023 however a confirmed release date is not announced at this point. The PlayStation release will come out on both PS4 and PS5. The PC release will be handled by Epic Games Store and a game page is live now on the store as well if you want to add it to your wishlist. Make sure to check out the previously released Tchia videos showcasing the soul-jumping mechanics and the world of New Caledonia. The game was originally announced back in March 2021.

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What are your thoughts on the new video of the mini-series of Tchia? Are you looking forward to playing the game? Let us know in the comments section below.

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