Nacon Announces Taxi Life Game To its Life Simulation Range

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Nacon and studio Simteract have announced that they are working on a new game for their life simulation range called Taxi Life. The game is currently in development by Simteract, a studio that has already partnered with Nacon previously to bring Train Life: A Railway Simulator.

With its particular interest in simulation games, Nacon has been attracting more and more players over the last few years. The new arrival of Taxi Life is another title added to the publisher’s catalog and a game that will let you plan, manage, and execute specific tasks linked to the profession represented in each title.

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Nacon also shared details about the new project, stating that the player manages a personal transportation company, set in none other than Barcelona, used as the open world playing field in Taxi Life. The player progresses in the city’s iconic neighborhoods and can admire more than 200 of its buildings, monuments, museums, parks, and sculptures, all faithfully reproduced. The game uses the studio’s proprietary technologies, in particular, ‘Traffic AI’ and the ‘City Generator’

Other than these few details, we also know that Taxi Life will be available on both consoles and PC, while the game’s Early Access release date will be provided at a later time.

Last month, Nacon announced a new garden management game called Garden Life, a relaxing game where you can grow your own real-world flowers, fruits, and vegetables. With varying weather that will affect your garden, it will be up to you to keep it thriving in all seasons. Plants will require the utmost care and attention, but you will also meet fun characters from the gardening community to discover more surprises.

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