Get Your First Look of the TARDIS from Doctor Who: The Edge of Time

Doctor Who The Edge of Time Launch

BBC Studios and Oculus have released a brand new trailer which shows the iconic TARDIS from the upcoming VR game Doctor Who: The Edge of Time. The developer has also announced that fans of the game will be able to play the first ever Doctor Who VR game at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con at the BBC America Booth # 4129. The demo includes a brand-new sequence which has been created exclusively for the game.

The brand new ‘Enter the TARDIS’ trailer released today showcases the amazing attention to detail and authenticity that the developer Maze Theory is planning to bring to the Doctor Who universe. The developer is working closely with the BBC Studios production team to make sure that the game is as close to the real thing as possible. For the first time ever, fans of Doctor Who will be able to co-pilot the TARDIS with the Doctor.

They will explore every nook and cranny and travel across space and time to a series of iconic locations from the show in the game and all within virtual reality. Maze Theory visited Doctor Who set in Cardiff earlier this year in a bid to create the most authentic and lifelike version of the TARDIS for the video game. The developer took hundreds of pictures using a technique called photogrammetry which helped them create the hyper-accurate digital reference of the iconic spaceship.

The entire process of bringing the TARDIS to life in the digital world took around 1200 hours and it including a large team of 3D artists, designers along with sound and software engineers. The same level of attention was given to the functionality of the controls which are all true to the show. The in-game version even has the infamous custard cream biscuit dispenser to make the ship as authentic as possible and players will be able to access it in the game.

Doctor Who: The Edge of Time is an upcoming VR game, developed by Maze Theory and published by PlayStack, based on the famous BBC show. Fans of the show will be able to explore the TARDIS and universe of the entire franchise without any limitations. Maze Theory’s Creative Director Marcus Moresby said:

The TARDIS is a very important and hugely iconic element of the show and Doctor Who: The Edge of Time offers the chance to experience it like never before. It’s been a huge undertaking to deliver the very best TARDIS experience and is much anticipated by fans of the show. We know they’re going to love it.

Doctor Who: The Edge of Time is slated for release in September 2019 on all high-end CR platforms including the brand new Oculus Quest.

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