Locomotive City Builder Sweet Transit Early Access Launch Date Set for 28 July

Sweet Transit

Cozy locomotive-led city builder, Sweet Transit, is all set to launch late next month on 28 July, when it will release in Steam Early Access. The announcement was made by Team 17 and solo developer Ernestas Norvaišas earlier this month at the Steam Next Fest event.

Watch the gameplay trailer of Sweet Transit below:

Sweet Transit is a unique city builder where the railway is king and trains are the sole means of transportation. Quaint villages will expand to bustling cities, farms to industrious factories, and steam-powered rail to combustious diesel… and beyond in this interconnected, train-driven world.

The game will have you using mighty iron locomotives to build new settlements, create intricate production lines, and grow humble villages into thriving metropolia, all through the distinct eras after the introduction of steam power, and the invention of the combustion engine.

Sweet Transit

Key Features:

  • Cozy train-led city builder: Starting with a single warehouse, build a thriving interconnected world of villages and cities as you expand your rail network and evolve your society
  • Customizable rail network: Construct platforms and stations linked by intricate railway routes to help connect settlements and ensure a painless transit for both workers and civilians
  • Evolve your industry: From steam to diesel, play through distinct eras of the railway and plan the most economical expansions using the technology at your disposal
  • Be a person of the people: Keep a close eye on your citizens and ensure their needs are met as you expand your routes and scale up your settlements
  • Full modding support: Create custom content via Steam Workshop, including structures, locomotives, in-game rules, progression markers, and graphics

If you are interested in playing Sweet Transit in its Early Access, you can head over to Steam and jump into the game right now. The game will continue to get additional updates in the coming weeks and months during which the developers will continue to listen to fan feedback and add new content to the game.

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