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Survived By early access is announced at The Game Awards and it is available as a free download starting tonight. Survived By is a free-to-play online bullet-hell style roguelite  game where death is part of progression into the game.

Survived By Early Access supports up to six players multiplayer experience. The game has unique classes and more than 150 pieces of equippable gear as players prepare for battle against more than 250 different enemy types.

A new gameplay trailer of Survived By Early Access was showcased at The Game Awards, if you missed it, watch it here.

Key Features of Survived By

Approachable but challenging – Survived By features quick play sessions where you get good enough of loot and rewards regardless you spend hours in to game or just came to play for a quick session.

Permadeath is just the beginning – In Survived By, each time you die, your legacy will be carried by a new descendant. The descendant will carry a small part of your legacy. The legacy here simply means a part of your stat boosts, special abilities and buffs. Players will need to play as different survivors so as to collect them all. You will need to keep repeating and defeating the hardest dungeons and bosses of the Heartland.

Gorgeous pixel art set in a mysterious, war-struck fantasy world – Survived By adopts pixelated graphics where players will get to explore Heartland in classic graphics glory. Players will be tasked to discover the secrets behind the mysterious yellow resin. The land is overtaken and humanity is pushed to the brink of extinction.

Updated frequently and built with the community – Developers of Survived By will constantly collect player feedback and they will shape the game how players suggest it to be. Your feedback will matter.

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