The Dark Pictures Anthology Revealed by Supermassive, Going Multiplatform

The Dark Pictures

The reveal trailer of a new IP ‘The Dark Pictures Anthology’ has arrived. This is a new project by Supermassive Games, developers of Until Dawn, and the series is kick starting with the first game in series called Man of Medan in 2019. Check out the awesome The Dark Pictures Man of Medan announcement trailer below.

The Dark Pictures: Man of Medan will be the first title in a new horror series by Supermassive Games and it sees a group of young people heading in the ocean to investigate the wreck of a sunken ship. The trailer actually reveals the ship and as soon as the cast sets foot on the ship, all hell is broken loose.

The cast seems to be in a very tight situation as one by one they fall prey to the horrors inside the ship. The game features all new cast with their brand new story. So far the trailer shows promising game design and the character design look very good. We are now keen to see more details about the first game.

The in-game choices will be equally important just like their previous title and your in-game choices will determine which character will survive in the game and which character will die. This is eventually have a huge impact in the game so we are guessing that the game story will be heavily based on these choices and each mistake will cost the player a great bit.

The developers of the game claim that unlike Until Dawn, each game in the series will be a brand new story with its own cast and setting. This makes it very interesting because this could make the life of the game very long because they can just simply keep making new episodes with new characters and setting to keep things fresh.

For the first time, Supermassive Games is also going multiplatform with The Dark Pictures. It will launch on PC with Steam as its platform, PS4 and Xbox One. Sadly there has been no word on a Nintendo Switch version of the game. We would have loved to play it on the go.

Man of Medan, the first title in the anthology, is set to launch in 2019. At this moment we do not know any further details about the game but we will keep looking for more information about the game and share with you guys as soon as the developers reveal more information.

Let us know in the comments section below about what you think of this brand new IP by Supermassive Games and the direction in which they are heading with it.

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