Supermassive is Working On Unannounced PlayStation Exclusives – Partnership is Excellent


Supermasive and Sony collaboration produced Until Dawn which released August 25, 2015 exclusively on PlayStation 4. Supermassive with their work on Until Dawn set new standards on how modern horror games should be.

Supermassive also released more games after Until Dawn, but they were not too much successful. VR game ‘The Inpatient’ and PlayLink title ‘Hidden Agenda’ were few games after Until Dawn that could not capture the attention of wide audience.

This year at Gamescom, developers at Supermassive announced that they will partner up with Bandai Namco and release ‘The Dark Pictures’. The game is anthology of horror titles. Since they will partner up with Bandai Namco, the game will not be a PlayStation exclusive.

However, a recent statement of one of the executives at Supermassive reveals that the studio has not finished making games exclusively for PlayStation.

While speaking with Russian website 4PDA via Reddit, Executive Pete Samuels confirmed that more unannounced PlayStation exclusive games are in development pipeline. He said:

Well, the relationship with Sony is still excellent, we are working on several unannounced PS exclusives. But we can’t talk about them right now

Currently, we have no idea if Supermassive is working on PlayStation exclusives designed for PlayStation 4 console or even the next generation of consoles. We hope they give the fans of Until Dawn community a horror title they have hoped for since long.

For now, Man of Medan, the first game in The Dark Pictures anthology is set to release next year for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

Man of Medan sees a group of young people heading in the ocean to investigate the wreck of a sunken ship. The trailer actually reveals the ship and as soon as the cast sets foot on the ship, all hell is broken loose.

Did you play Until Dawn? Did you watch the trailer of Man of Medan? Let us know more your thoughts in comments section below.

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