Super Smash Bros U Rumored to Launch on Nintendo Switch

Super Smash Bros U

As Nintendo Switch is lining up for an amazing holiday season with some really good AAA titles, we get another big rumor about Super Smash Bros U which if turns out to be true, will really put Nintendo Switch in the spotlight for being the best console this holiday season.

Recently, Liam Robertson from announced that some of his reliable sources who have previously provided some really good information about Nintendo titles have said that Nintendo Switch might be getting the Super Smash Bros U port as near as this year’s fall season. This is a big rumor as the original Wii U received some of the best titles in its time.

There is no official comment from Nintendo on this so far, as it has been 2 days since the announcement but you never know with Nintendo as they have already hinted at some unannounced projects, which they are planning to launch in 2018 so Super Smash Bros U port could be one of them.

Just like other ports, it is expected that Super Smash Bros U will come with new features and added content such as Luigi DLC, which came out for the original one. The game may now carry the ‘Deluxe’ tag as well since most of the ports have come with this tag and they came loaded with many new and exciting features.

Nintendo Switch has been the bestselling console in recent history and it has received some really good AAA titles. We have also seen some of the best classic games ported to Switch such as the recently released Donkey Kong: Tropical Freeze and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. These classic ports not only sell like hot cakes but they have also boosted sales of the console by a large margin.

Many people bough Nintendo Switch consoles specifically for these golden gems and Nintendo knows about this. Super Smash Bros U was a great title and it did pretty well when it was launched. The major factor back then was that the console was not selling like Nintendo Switch and now things will be different. We have already seen that Nintendo Switch ports of classic games have sold more than they did back then on their original release consoles.

This is a big rumor and we would love it to be true. Nintendo still has to reveal their remaining 2018 projects and we really hope that Super Smash Bros U makes a comeback on Nintendo Switch. A major factor behind Switch’s huge sale milestone has been games and this holiday season we are getting more AAA titles that will boost its sales even more.

Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below whether you are excited about the classic game ports and specifically Super Smash Bros U coming to Nintendo Switch.

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