Super Mario Odyssey VR Update Will Bring a Theater Mode

Super Mario Odyssey VR

The upcoming VR update of Super Mario Odyssey will include a theater option where you can watch all the cutscenes in. The news was revealed by the Japanese Super Mario Odyssey Twitter account, and also stating that the update will be free.

The VR update is set to come out this month on April 25, 2019 worldwide, but a day later in Japan. The update is a part of the game’s upcoming Nintendo Labo VR compatibility, with this update, players that have the Nintendo Labo VR Kit will be able to watch all the cutscenes they have unlocked in VR.

The videos will have added depth in this mode, to take advantage of the Toy-Con VR goggles. However, people who do not have the goggles will also be able to watch the videos here.

The VR mode in Super Mario Odyssey will take the form of three new mini missions that are set in Seaside, Cap and Luncheon Kingdoms. The main objective of the mission is to collect coins and music notes.

These notes will be scattered throughout each kingdom. Once you collect enough of the notes, you will be able to obtain different musical instruments that you can give to the characters to make a band. Once all the performers have received an instrument, you can then watch a special concert in the Metro Kingdom.

Nintendo Labo VR Kit will launch on April 12 an comes in two variants. The starter set costs $40, which includes the Labo VR software and the materials to make the VR Goggles and the Blaster Toy-Con. The full suite will retail for $80 and contains all the items plus the $20 expansions sets.

What do you think of the theater mode that is coming in Super Mario Odyssey? Let us know in the comments below.

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