Players Have Already Made 2 Million Course on Super Mario Maker 2

Super Mario Maker 2

Nintendo has just announced that players on the recently released Super Mario Maker 2 have uploaded more than 2 million courses on the level creator since its release late last month.

It is no surprise that the number has crossed 2 million, and possibly even more. This is mainly because of the fun that the game provides in creating speed run courses and letting others play at your creations. There are also crazy survival-based levels and even complex Rube Goldberg machines as courses in the game.

Super Mario Maker 2 was the highly anticipated sequel to the first Mario Maker game from the Wii U console. The game lets players create courses, and then upload them online for other players to have a go at their creations. Creating levels and playing custom Mario levels is what keeps the game interesting in the community.

The game comes with 100 levels form the developers over at Nintendo, among millions of courses created by other players. All of these are accessible in the game and can be played anytime. Creating a level lets players experience what it’s like to design a Mario stage or course. It features many unique items that you can add in a course, which is something that was missing in the first Mario Maker game.

The game also comes with a dedicated Story Mode and assistance setting to make things easier for newcomers. Getting up to speed takes no time, thanks to how well Nintendo games are made.

Nothing says a game is doing good when other game developers are also creating levels in Super Mario Maker 2. Recently Matt Thorson, who is the developer of the critically acclaimed game Celeste, has made at least 5 stages in the game for players to try.

Have you played Super Mario Maker 2? What do you like best about the game compared to the first Mario Maker? Post your comments below.

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