Super Mario Maker 2 Direct Reveals Story Mode, Custom Settings, New Options

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Nintendo held the Super Mario Maker 2 Direct last night and during the stream, tons of new information was revealed about the game. Super Mario Maker 2 is appearing to be a very big game and it will offer a lot more options than the original Wii U title. This time around players will get a huge story mode, night-time levels, brand new themes and tons of other content.

The latest Nintendo Direct was focused only on Super Mario Maker 2 and hence the 15-minute stream showed tons of in-game features and gameplay information. One of the best features of the upcoming title is that it will bring everything that was present in the first title and it builds on its core by adding tons of new content on the very base of the first game.

Starting with the main story of Super Mario Maker 2, the game will feature a very long story mode. It will come with 100 unique levels for players to try out. All of these levels are pre-built by Mario people at Nintendo so they will show players what the game is really capable of by showing them different in-game mechanics in action.

As players play through the story levels, rebuilding Princes Peach’s castle, they will unlock new rewards and some of these rewards are required to complete the castle completely. Once the castle is completed, the fun is not over. Players can then explore the castle and unlock even more levels which will feature different NPCs from previous Mario games.

Each stage in Super Mario Maker 2 can now have completion conditions as well. This feature was missing in the original title and it is one of the best features coming to the new game. This will allow players to set a custom winning condition for players after they have completed the level. Adding different options will allow players to increase the challenge level of their custom stage.

In Super Mario Maker 2, you do not have to create levels all alone. Invite a friend over and both of you can join forces to create the best level possible in the game. Each player will use a Joy-Con to control a character who can then help the other one in creating the level. This is not just limited to stage creation. Players can also try their creation afterward together and explore the world that they have just created.

There’s also competitive play in the game as players can have custom leaderboards which will determine who has cleared the level in the fastest times possible. Different modes in the game will allow players to race with three other players to complete a level first and taking the first prize. You can also link two consoles together and play competitively.

Super Mario Maker 2 also comes with a moon toggle which means that the levels can now be made in the night time. This will change how the stage plays at night because different enemies in the game will behave differently during the day time and the night time giving you, even more, challenge and options to play around with.

Coming to themes, Super Mario Maker 2 comes with tons of brand new themes, settings and enemies that you can play around with. You can now have stages built with an airship, snow, forest or desert backdrops, choose your own music to play in the background and more stage customization options such as moving blocks, slopes, varying water levels and much more.

More enemy types are also now available in the game from different Mario generations and games. The game also comes with a Super Mario World 3D World theme and it is different than the other themes. Some of the mechanics are only compatible with this theme as the developers have tried to bring most of the game’s features to Super Mario Maker 2.

Super Mario Maker 2 Direct

Last but not least, you can also purchase Super Mario Maker 2 as a bundle with Nintendo Switch Online subscription. It costs $10 more than the game but right out of the box, you will be ready to jump online with your friend and start creating some brand new levels. Last month, we also got to know the release date for the game.

Which of these features are you really looking out to try when the game comes out? Let us know in the comments section below.

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