Strange Horticulture Makes Its’ Way to Nintendo Switch

Strange Horticulture Nintendo Switch

Publisher Iceberg Interactive and developer Bad Viking have just launched the popular game Strange Horticulture on Nintendo Switch. The game is currently being offered with a 25% discount on the Nintendo eShop, which will last until 1 August 2022.

Strange Horticulture is an unusual game about collecting and cataloging plants while discovering and uncovering all sorts of mysteries of the town. Players will explore the land, pet the cat, speak to a coven, and even join a cult. Influence the story as you unravel Undermere’s dark mysteries, through your ever-growing collection of peculiar plants.

Watch the Strange Horticulture trailer on the Nintendo Switch:

Strange Horticulture was an instant hit ever since its debut on PC, where it currently boasts Overwhelmingly Positive reviews on Steam.

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You start the adventure as a Horticulturist, in the quaint town of Undermere, surrounded by hag-infested forests and rugged mountains. As the owner of a local plant store called Strange Horticulture, you will meet a cast of colorful customers who come to your shop and quickly thrust you into an occult mystery that stretches back over hundreds of years.

Strange Horticulture Nintendo Switch

Key Features:

  • THE LANDS BEYOND – Explore the lands beyond your store to find new plants, but be careful! The dark woods and lakes are not always friendly to a simple herbalist. You might discover powers beyond your wildest dreams – or lose your mind completely. Use context clues to determine which places to visit, and which to avoid!
  • AN EVER-GROWING COLLECTION – ​Using your trusty encyclopedia and clues found on your explorations, you learn more about the strange plants you come across. By identifying each plant, you will be able to use their effects to influence the story — from hypnotic hallucinogens to powerful poisons.

Strange Horticulture was originally launched in January 2021, becoming an instant hit thanks to its simple game mechanic and deeply involving story. While your task is to recognize all sorts of bizarre plants, it is also the exploration and unraveling of mysteries that develops the story into what it is meant to be.

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