Valve has Delayed Steam Game Festival Event by a Week

Steam Game Festival

Valve has just delayed the Steam Game Festival that was planned to begin this week on June 9. The digital event has been delayed for one week, which was confirmed with the announcement made by Valve.

Valve does not say why the event has been delayed, however, it is most likely because of the current protests going on in the USA.  Many other events in the video game industry have been postponed, including Sony’s own PS5 console reveal event which was supposed to be held last week.

However, the event has not been postponed indefinitely like other companies have, as Valve has also provided a new date for the event which is set for June 16th. The Steam Game Festival event will run for almost a week and conclude on June 22.

The event will feature various video game demos that the developers will line up for you to try out on Steam. It is a celebration of some amazing upcoming games through demos and live developer events. The time-limited demos can be played via Steam and will give you short playable experiences. You will also get the chance to connect with the developers behind the games and add games to your wishlist.

On the other hand, EA has also delayed its EA Play Live event. The event will now be held around the same time the Steam Game Festival goes live. EA Play Live is going to start on June 18. Unlike Valve, EA did provide the reason for the delay, linking it to the protests in the United States.

With the important conversations taking place and important voices being heard around the world right now, we’re moving our time to come together in play.

We’ll see you at EA PLAY Live 2020 on June 18 at 4pm PDT / 7pm EDT.

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