Star Wars Jedi Survivor Stance Guide – How to Get All, Best Stance to Use

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Stance Guide

Stances in Star Wars Jedi Survivor make a comeback in the latest game by bringing more options for Cal to fight using different Stance options. While some Stances make a return from the first game, there are new Stances available for players to use in combat, mixing up the gameplay and suiting their combat playstyle. This Star Wars Jedi Survivor Stance Guide will show you how to get all stances but also show you the best Stance that you can use in the game.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Stance Guide

In total, the game has 5 different Stances that Cal can use. And while you can equip two Stances at once, you will eventually unlock more Stances as you progress in the story and reach new areas, and fight off certain bosses.

Cal begins with two Stances that are automatically unlocked right from the start. This includes the Single-Bladed Stance and the Double-Bladed Stance. The Single-Bladed Stance lets you fight off multiple enemies with the help of the useful skills available in this stance skill tree. For example, the Aerial Assault and the Cyclone Smash lets you deal with multiple enemies, while the Aerial Assault lets you evade tricky situations.

The Double Bladed Stance is the best Stance that the game has to offer like it was in Fallen Order. The Skills in this stance help you fight off multiple enemies effectively, even if it isn’t the best against larger enemies. Skills like the Gathering Tempest and Endless Hurricane let you deal quick strikes while extending the combo for additional damage dealt to targets.

How to Get More Stances

While the Single-Bladed Stance and Double-Bladed Stance are available right from the start, there are more options that you can get as you play the game. More Stances that you can unlock in the game include:

  • Dual Wield Stance: This stance is unlocked after you have beaten the Ninth Sister boss
  • Crossguard Stance: Unlocked when you reach Jedha
  • Blaster Stance: This stance becomes available when you beat Drya Thornne Boss.

The Dual Wield Stance splits Cal’s Lightsaber into two, making it a very fast, agile, and aggressive stance to use. Though it is not the most powerful when it comes to dealing damage, the aggressiveness and speed make it a good choice for players that like to hit targets with quick strikes.

The Crossguard stance increases the damage of the Lightsaber significantly, but decreases its speed, making it very slow to use. Players that like to deal as much damage with each strike will prefer the Crossguard stance.

Finally, the Blaster Stance adds a blaster to Cal’s Lightsaber, which might be a preference for some players that like to break the enemy’s guard. Other than that, there are other stances that offer better combat ability and skills.

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That’s all the stances in the game as shown in this Star Wars Jedi Survivor Stance Guide. Post your comments below.

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