Square Enix Announced Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers Expansion

Shadowbringers Edens Gate

Square Enix has announced a major expansion that will be part of Final Fantasy XIV soon. Shadowbringers will launch in early summer 2019.

Shadowbringers will be the third expansion for Final Fantasy XIV. Players should expect a higher level cap, an expansive story and new in-game jobs. Here is Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers teaser trailer.

After the end of presentation of Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers,  Square Enix president Yosuke Matsuda came out of stage holding a staff and wearing a blue cape.

He announced that Blue Mage is coming to the game. He also announced that Blue Mage will not be part of Shadowbringers. The Blue Mage will be introduced in patch 4.5 of the game and it will be a limited job in Final Fantasy XIV.


Players will get to learn the monster actions through combat. The Blue Mage will have a level cap of 50. When Shadowbringers will release it will further raise the level cap of Blue Mage. The current cap in the game for jobs in 70, which will be raised to 80 once the expansion comes out.

Also, Yoshida announced a new playable race. He did not disclose any detail on the race, however he was wearing this t-shirt and it totally gives away a punk look who cares less.


Shadowbringers will also introduce new primals to fight and beast tribes. It also includes Nu Mou.

Other additions that will be part of expansion are nine new dungeons, a new series of end game raids and unique NPC battle assist system termed as ‘Trust’.

The ‘Trust’ NPC battle assist system is a feature very similar to Final Fantasy XI ‘Trust’. Shadowbringers’s Trust will allow non-player character heroes to accompany players through dungeons. The ‘Trust’ system will allow players to play solo the expansion completely.

New Game Plus feature will also be part of expansion. Those of you who like to revisit the previous chapters can now do so with your overpowered characters.

What do you think about expansion? Let us know more your thoughts in comments section below.

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