Spiritfarer is a Brand New Adventure Game Revealed at E3 2019


Microsoft has revealed a brand new game Spiritfarer for Xbox Game Pass during its E3 2019 presentation. It is a new 2D side-scroller adventure game in which you play as a girl who is accompanied by her cat. The game appears to feature different types of mechanics which include building and exploring.

The girl and her cat seem to be living in a house which is on a moving boat on an ocean which will allow her to explore the world of the game. She can also purchase different things from the local stores as well. There are other creatures on the boat with her as well. The game looks very promising so far however very few datils are known at this point about the game.

The trailer also shows how the little girl can build and expand her current boat with additional shops and buildings. Some of the sequences also reveal that the girl is out exploring and collecting resources using different magical tools. She is also shopping from some shops which appear to be not on the boat so it means that we get off the boat to explore new areas as well.

Check out the reveal trailer below.

The studio behind Spiritfarer is Thunder Lotus who is known for their previous release of Jotun which was a puzzle game. Since official details are not yet known about the title, we can say from the trailer that this game will be about building and expanding your boat where you live, having good relationships with other creatures on the boat and explore different islands for resources and things.

Keep checking back as we will certainly update you when more details are revealed about the title. No release date has been announced for Spiritfarer at this point but the trailer revealed that the game will arrive on Xbox One and PS4 whenever it is released. The game currently has a release window on 2020.

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