Interstellar City-Building Game Beyond These Stars Announced

Beyond These Stars

Publisher Hooded Horse and developer Balancing Monkey Games have announced their brand-new interstellar city-building game Beyond These Stars. Balancing Monkey Games is known for their critically-acclaimed city-building game Before We Leave and now they are teaming up with publisher Hooded Horse for the release of their brand-new title Beyond These Stars which will take the adventure into space.

To celebrate the announcement, the publisher has released a new release trailer of the game as well which we have linked below for you. Check it out:

Set in the never-ending space, Beyond These Stars is a city-building game where you will build and expand your city on the back of Kewa, a majestic creature that travels the stars. Given that you can only build on the back of this creature, you have limited room to expand and limited resources as well. Using whatever is available to you on the back of the gigantic creature, you will build your city and expand it into a civilization and explore the universe while doing it. Since Kewa is a living creature, you will need to establish a healthy relationship to survive.

Building on the back of a living creature will be no easy task because you will be taking resources from the creature and it means that you might start exploiting the creature and it might become a one-sided relationship. As you roam around space and explore different stars and planets, Kewa will stop at different locations so you will be able to build outposts and collect vital resources from these locations. However, this will be only possible if you are able to make Kewa stop at these locations for you to extract these locations.

The stronger the bond you form with the creature, the more you can control it in your journey across the cosmos. Commenting on the title, Anna Barham, Managing Director at Balancing Monkey Games says:

I’m really excited to be partnering with Hooded Horse to publish our next game. They’re a small team, but incredibly responsive, transparent, and passionate about what they do and about taking care of their developers. They already have a stable of successful games in our preferred genre so we’re confident that they’re the right people to bring Beyond These Stars to the world.

Beyond These Stars

Tim Bender, Hooded Horse’s CEO also adds:

We’re huge fans of Sam, Anna, and the whole team at Balancing Monkey Games. Their vision of a non-violent city builder with a scope spanning the stars is extremely exciting, and it’s an honor to be working together on Beyond These Stars.

Beyond These Stars is slated for release in 2023 however no additional details about a possible month have been announced at this point. If you are interested in the game, you can head over to the official Steam page of the game and add it to your wishlist to stay updated on all future updates about the title.

What are your thoughts on the official reveal of Beyond These Stars? Let us know in the comments section below.

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