SoulCalibur VI Reversal Edge Guide – How to Perform, Advanced Mechanics

SoulCalibur VI Reversal Edge Guide

In this SoulCalibur VI Reversal Edge Guide, we will guide you on how you can perform the useful Reversal Edge move. It is one of the newest moves added to the game and hence it is vital that you learn how to use this move properly to make the most out of it. This is a very advanced move so you must be familiar with the basic controls of the game and must have a good grip on how to play the game before moving on this move.

We have curated this SoulCalibur VI Reversal Edge Guide in which we have detailed how you can perform Reversal Edge in SoulCalibur VI. We will guide you on how you can enter the Reversal Stance, perform the Reversal Edge attack, how to make your Reversal Edge attack unblockable and some advanced Reversal Edge Tactics as well.

Reversal Edge Guide – How to Master

Our SoulCalibur VI Reversal Edge Guide details everything that you need to know about Reversal Edge and how to use it perfectly.

Reversal Edge Basics

To start off simple, pressing R1 or RB will enable you to enter the Reversal Edge stance. While in this stance, your character will automatically block all attacks whether high or low. The only attacks that will push through during this stance are the Break Attacks. Letting go of the button after some time will make your character shift from the Reversal Edge Stance to the Reversal Edge Attack.

Coming to this phase will not allow your character to automatically evade attacks. During the attack, your enemy will be able to counter with a well-timed attack. Your Reversal Edge attacks are not unblockable until you specially make them.

Making Reversal Edge Attacks Unblockable

You can make your Reversal Edge Attacks unblockable if you completely charge the Reversal Edge or if you evade at least one attack. Once the attack is unblockable, your opponent will be able to hold guard but a mini-game will start which will decided who deals the damage and who does not.

Reversal Edge Mini-Game

For this mini game, a very simple rule is followed. Vertical attacks will beat Horizontal attacks; Horizontal attacks will beat Kick attacks while Kick attacks will beat Vertical attacks. During the mini-game, each player will need to judge the opponent’s move and use any of these moves. The more powerful one will land while the other one will be damaged instead.

During the animation, pick any one from Kick, Vertical or Horizontal. If both players enter the same input, a clash will start during which players will get even more options to choose from. If a players chooses to use Guard while in Clash, he will have limited options. Using Guard will avoid the clash but only during the first part of the mini-game.

Players will still enter the second phase of the mini-game. Using Guard against a Vertical Attack will also lead to the second phase of the mini-game. Using Guard with a near empty gauge will do the player no good. For the second phase of the mini-game, the Guard option is blocked. You cannot use Guard even if the meter is high while this phase is active.

Reversal Edge Advanced Mechanics

During the Reversal Edge mini-game, if you do not want to enter Clash, there are some advanced moves to perform as well. These are Sidestep, Retreating and Advanced Evade. These all will basically allow you to escape from certain types of attacks. Sidestep will allow you to evade Vertical attacks.

Retreating Evade will allow you to evade the Kick attacks while the Advancing Retreat will help you avoid Horizontal attacks. These advanced moves are more risky as either they will help you completely block an attack or you will be hit by your enemies attack however it will help you avoid the Clash mini-game completely.

Overall, this advanced move will require a lot of practice to master. This is a new mechanic and was never featured in any of the previous games of the franchise. Using it correctly also involves some luck as you never know what your opponent is going to use while using this move. Head to the practice mode and practice using this mode as that you at least know what to do in each scenario. Rest is all luck based.

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This concludes our SoulCalibur VI Reversal Edge Guide. If you want to add anything to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below.

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