SoulCalibur VI Nintendo Switch Port Might Happen After Launch

SoulCalibur VI

Recently, some rumors were circulating around that the upcoming SoulCalibur VI will also make its way to Nintendo Switch. During GamesCon 2018, the producer of the game gave an exclusive interview to Dualshockers in which he laid these rumors to rest by saying that currently there is no Nintendo Switch version in development but the studio might think to port the game after it has been launched.

His official words to Dualshockers were

At the moment there is no development for Switch at all. I understand that the Switch is a very successful hardware, and of course if there is a possibility, then it would be great to do it.


At the moment we’re focusing on the October 19th launch, so we don’t even have the time to think about that possibility. After the launch we’ll think about the possibility.

This statement puts all the rumors circulating around about the Nintendo Switch port to rest. The main reason behind this delayed port could be that the developers will first see how the game is received on other major consoles on which the game is already coming out.

It is a good thing that the developers are currently focusing on the initial launch because the game will need all the support at launch so make it a successful one.

If the game gets a good reception and sells good overall, we might get a Nintendo Switch port sometime later. This does rule out a Nintendo Switch variant right at the launch but the producer of the game still gave us some hope that it might happen in the future. So the Nintendo Switch owners should not lose hope just yet, they might get a Switch port sometime in the future.

We are keeping our fingers crossed and we hope that the game performs well because the franchise is already in trouble due to the bad performance of previous titles in the series. The future of SoulCalibur franchise now rests on the shoulders of the sixth installment, which is due to launch on October 19, 2018 on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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