Sony Partners With PBTeen, Announces PlayStation Furniture

PlayStation Furniture

Sony has gained a massive amount of profit from the successful sale of its PlayStation 4 console. After reaching at peak success rate in consumer electronics market, Sony decides to venture other options in business.

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Sony partners with PBTeen and announces its lineup of PlayStation furniture. The furniture is officially licensed and its designs will be more PlayStation theme based.

The lineup of collection in PlayStation furniture includes items for living room, decor and something more that will make your room look more like PlayStation-ish, strange but true.

This was announced officailly by PBTeen in a tweet. Also, few items were listed too. We will mention the items along with their prices.

  • Acrylic Cubby — $70 USD
  • Icon Wall Light — $200
  • Beanbag — $250
  • Lounge Table — $400
  • Gaming TV Media Console — $1,100

PBTeen is also famously known for furniture products of other iconic brands. Previously, PBTeen has made furniture collection of Harry Potter and Star Wars.

Sony is making more money due from its exclusive games. These games are console making games in particular. Games like, this year alone, God of War and Marvel’s Spider-Man have managed to catch buyers into buying a PlayStation 4 console.

The sheer amount of success Sony is enjoying from PlayStation 4 is so overwhelming that the company does not need to put an eye out for competition or even a successor. PlayStation 4 is doing great in terms of number of exclusives on per year basis. The console is also doing good on multi-platform games.

Maybe now is the time Sony decided to venture other business markets than consumer electronics. The PlayStation Furniture lineup surely is for one.

Are you excited about the PlayStation Furniture? Are you planning to get one of the furniture we mentioned in the list above? Let us know more your thoughts in comments section below.



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