Sony Accidentally Leaks PS Plus Game Lineup For November

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We are just four days into October and it looks like Sony has accidentally leaked the PS Plus games that will be included in the premium membership for November.

The games leaked via their official PlayStation banner appear to be Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition and Yakuza Kiwami. Both of these are solid titles and if this is indeed a confirmed leak, players are in for a fun ride for the month of November.

This glitch or mistake was first spotted by a Twitter use Nibel who posted a picture of the page on the Twitter, which brought the news into light. However, no official word is given whether this news is true or false at the moment.

Sony does not announce the PS Plus games before the very last week of every month and they do so via their official blog. We will not be surprised if Sony does not respond to this news at all because Sony will eventually give out the news at the end of this month, which will either confirm or negate this leak.

However, considering the fact that this header appeared on their own page and will official watermarks and all, this might be a legit post and these games might yet be confirmed for November 2018. We will have to wait until the last week of October for a confirmation.

Bulletstorm was initially released back in 2011 on PS3, PC and Xbox 360. It was an amazing first person shooter where you could kill enemies by performing various moves that slowed down time. It allowed you to slide, kick and jump to kill your enemies using a variety of weapons while literally exploding them.

Only in Bulletstorm, you could slide into enemies to make them fly and then use a shotgun right in their face to explode them into a thousand bits. A remastered version called Full Clip Edition was later released on PS4, Xbox One and Steam which made the game prettier and deadlier. This game might be included in November’s PS Plus lineup.

Yakuza Kiwami is a remake of the original Yakuza, which was launched way back in 2016 on PS3 and PS4 in Japan while it made its way to the west in 2017. The original Yakuza game on which this game is based was released back in 2005 on PS2 in Japan and 2006 in the west. It is a great game in Yakuza franchise and it sits after Yakuza 0 in the series.

If you are a fan of the Yakuza series then this is a solid title for this in the upcoming month. If you have never played Yakuza series before, then this game is a good starting point however we recommend that if you like the game mechanics, play Yakuza 0 and then move back to Yakuza Kiwami to enjoy this wonderful tale of Japanese underground mafia.

Both of these games are great titles in their own way and if we are indeed getting them both free in November, then players are in for a treat. Sony has been giving out some really great games for the last few months such as God of War III – Remastered, Metal Gear Solid V and more.

Let us know in the comments section whether you are happy with these two games coming to November PS Plus lineup or not.

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