Sony is Shutting Down Warhawk Servers and Fans Are Unhappy

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Warhawk is a 2007 third person military shooter that came out for the PlayStation 3. The game was solely multiplayer having ditched the standard single-player campaign. Last month, Sony announced that it was going to shut down the servers on 25 October and this was met with a lot of criticism by the fans.

The fans are upset because of the 30 days of notice that was given for the server shutdown when the game’s original box art guarantees that the company will notify players 90 days prior to any retirement. Read the manufacturer’s pledge in full:

SCEA reserves the right to retire the online portion of this game with 90 days notice. Online play requires Broadband Internet connection.

The server shutdown was noted and highlighted by Sony on the PlayStation Store page of the game that said:

Online servers for Warhawk (PS3) will be shut down on October 25, 2018 at 12:00am PT. As Warhawk was an online-only title, this shutdown means that the game will no longer be playable unless the PS3 system is set to LAN mode, as only local network play will function.

As you can expect from unhappy fans, there are lots of petitions and social media meltdowns happening because of the shut down. Fans are trying to rally around the game with surveys and petitions, but we doubt if that will pick up any traction or have any impact at this stage.

Warhawk is not the only game to have its servers shut down, in September, Sony had announced that Twisted Metal and PlayStation All-Stars: Battle Royale will be losing their online mode on 15 October. These games however do not depend online features because of their single player modes, which is what Warhawk was specifically designed not to have.

With only a day left for the server shut down of Warhawk, and no updates by Sony if there will be any change to the dates, we can only hope that Sony can at least fulfill their promise of keeping their servers up for 90 days rather than cutting short and bringing down the curtain within 30 days of notice.

What do you think of Sony’s plan to shut down servers before the expected 90 days? Do you think the reaction of fans is justified? Let us know in the comments below.

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