Sony Delays PS5 Games Reveal Event Due to Ongoing US Protests

PC PS5 DualSense

Sony earlier announced that it is finally holding a PS5 games reveal event on June 4, 2020, however, due to recent ongoing protests in the USA, Sony has decided to postpone the event as there are protests and riots ongoing in the USA and it is not the best time to reveal the new games or consoles. People were looking forward to this reveal event for a long time around the world however everyone will now have to wait for a new date announcement by Sony.

The news was broken by Sony on the official PlayStation account where the company said that it is not the best time to celebrate and they want to stand back and allow more important voices to be heard around the world. You can check out their official tweet below:

Sony is already lacking behind Microsoft in terms of their console reveal and information. Microsoft’s next-gen console was revealed completely back at The Game Awards 2019 event in December 2019. Ever since the reveal, Microsoft has been sharing more and more information about the console but when it comes to Sony, we’ve only had the full reveal of the controller at this point along with an in-depth technical analysis of the console which is most suitable for developers and not the every-day gamer.

PS5’s new controller not only comes with a new design, but it also comes with a brand new name as well. Sony is ditching the name DualShock and is using the new name DualSense for the new controller. Sony will now announce a brand new date for the event however we are not sure whether we will get to actually see Sony’s new console during this particular event or we will only get to see the new games coming on the console.

Which game announcement or game reveal would you like to see during Sony’s PS5 game reveal event? Let us know in the comments section below.

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