Sogetsu Kazama Arrives in Samurai Shodown as Season Pass 2’s Latest Character

After Mina Majikina, Sogetsu Kazama has arrived in Samurai Shodown has part of its Season Pass 2 DLC character. Earlier, SNK Corporation revealed the details of the Season Pass 2 DLC characters and the first fighter to arrive in the game was Mina Majikina in February 2020. Now, Sogetsu Kazama has arrived in the game as the second DLC fighter.

Sogetsu Kazama is now available to all Season Pass 2 holders on PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch in North America while players in Europe will get the fighter on April 2, 2020. The official press release details Sogetsu Kazama as:

The tranquil embrace of the Seiryuu:

Due to his cold and decisive demeanor, there has never been a task he was unable to see through to the end. Past his stoic expression lies a man who cares deeply about his younger brother and sister—willing to drop everything just to make sure they’re safe from danger. His astute hydrokinetic power traps foes and delivers them to a watery grave.

His voice-over actor is Yoshiaki Hasegawa and you can check out his character trailer below to see him in action:

Players who own the Season Pass 2 can find him waiting in the character roster while players looking to purchase him separately can do so for $5.99. The complete Season Pass 2 is worth $13.99 so if you want the whole DLC pack arriving in Season 2, you can opt for it at a discounted price and obtain all four DLC fighters. The fourth DLC fighter to arrive in Season Pass is yet to be revealed. The next DLC character to arrive in the game is Iroha and her release date will be announced later as well.

Are you looking forward to jumping back in Samurai Shodown to try out Sogetsu Kazama? Let us know in the comments section below.

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