SOEDESCO is Gearing Up to Launch Truck Driver on Nintendo Switch

After launching its truck simulation game Truck Driver on Xbox One and PS4 last year, SOEDESCO is now gearing up to release Truck Driver on Nintendo Switch as well. The latest development comes after the publisher teamed up with Brazilian studio Kokku for help regarding the bug-fixing and future-proofing of the console release of the title. The game will receive both physical and digital versions for Nintendo Switch.

After its initial buggy launch, Truck Driver faced a lot of fan backlash which led to SOEDESCO turning to outsource the development aspect of the title and since Kokku has taken over the job, we have seen immense improvements in the overall quality and content of the title. Kokku has been hard at work and has already released quite a few patches to fix the game in PS4 and Xbox One.

After Xbox One and PS4, SOEDESCO is expanding the presence of Truck Driver but the game is still limited to consoles. The Nintendo Switch version of Truck Driver will arrive will all of the updates and patches released for the original release and it will also come with additional hardware features that will make full use of Nintendo’s flagship device.

These additional features include tilt controls and HD rumble support. New features added to Truck Driver post-launch that will be part of the Nintendo Switch release include photo mode, rain effects in windshields, wiper controls and different updates such as the overhauling of the overall player experience of the game. The confirmed release date of the Nintendo Switch version is not known at this point.

Kokku is also shifting the game to a newer version of the Unity engine which will allow them more freedom to add more content and features to the game as well as run the game with better frames, fewer stutters and visually enhance the game as well. All of these upgrades will be a part of the Nintendo Switch release however with the weak hardware of Nintendo Switch, it might bring with it its own set of challenges for the developer. We will have to wait and find out.

Are you looking forward to playing Truck Driver on Nintendo Switch when it comes out? Let us know in the comments section below.

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