Popular Economic Strategy Game SimAirport Arrives on Xbox

SimAirport Xbox

Publisher Ultimate Games and indie development studio LVGameDev LLC have announced the Xbox release of the popular economic strategy game SimAirport. After its PC debut, SimAirport is now available on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S and it will allow players to take the role of an airport manager overlooking all aspects of its operations. Currently, on PC, SimAirport is one of the best-rated aviation-related tycoon strategy games.

Check out the Xbox launch trailer for SimAirport below which showcases the game running on the console:

Originally released for PC back in 2020, SimAirport is now landing on the Xbox consoles to further expand its reach. It is an economic strategy game that is focused on expanding and managing an airport and it also features simple 2D graphics and complete gameplay from a bird’s eye view. In SimAirport, you will need to provide comprehensive care for a wide variety of airport operations. Start from nothing but an empty space, you will start filling it with proper structures in order to start an airport. The game offers two unique gameplay modes, each offering a unique challenge to the players.

As you lay down the first few structures and start the operations, the game requires tackling whole other problems as well such as managing your staff, infrastructure maintenance, logistics, contracting airlines, and more. All of this is important since it will allow you to manage your finances properly which is the main goal of the game. COO of Ultimate Games S.A., Rafał Jelonek:

It’s an interesting option for fans of both aviation and economic strategy games. It starts with the basics, such as constructing a terminal and designating the first runway, but of course, that’s only the beginning. In fact, SimAirport is very exhaustive in its approach to the aviation business, so it can provide hours of entertainment.

SimAirport Xbox

Key features of SimAirport include:

  • Airport management.
  • Airplanes and airlines.
  • Taking care of the staff and infrastructure.
  • Two game modes (career and sandbox).
  • Highly rated tycoon game.

The Xbox release for SimAirport is aimed at Xbox One consoles however thanks to the backward-compatibility option, the game can be played on Xbox Series X|S as well. For its launch week, you can grab the game at a discounted price of $15.99 instead of its regular price of $19.99. If you want to jump in the game, you can purchase it right now and save some money as well.

Will you be interested in playing SimAirport on your Xbox console? Let us know in the comments section below.

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