Silent Hill HD Collection Might be Coming on PS4, Listed on PSN

Silent Hill HD Collection

Silent Hill HD Collection might be coming to PS4 as a PSN title. This has been revealed by a user, Exebiel, over at resetera who found the game listed on the PSN. The PSN store in question is South American (Peru) and the user has posted pictures on Twitter as well which has not revealed much details.

You can check out the images posted by Exebiel on resetera below.Silent Hill HD Collection Silent Hill HD Collection Silent Hill HD Collection

The images are clearly of a PS4 store so it cannot be mistaken for the PS3 store for which the Silent Hill HD Collection was originally launched at. There is also a possibility that the game might come on PS Now streaming service as the service allows streaming of PS3 games in addition to PS4 and PS2 games.

A PS4 launch could not be ruled out at the moment but PS Now streaming sounds more viable at this point because the developers have given out no official word on this so far. We can only wait and see for any more information on this to come out.

If you do not know what Silent Hill HD Collection is, it is a collection of the initial Silent Hill games, which included Silent Hill 2 and Silent Hill 3. Both these horror masterpieces were remastered ports combined together in a bundle and were released back in 2012 on PS3 and Xbox 360 consoles.

On the other hand, PS Now is a streaming service by Sony, which allows players to stream PS2, PS3 and PS4 games over their internet by subscribing to a simple service. Once subscribed, players are then given access to thousands of games, which can be streamed anytime until their subscription ends.

Recently, Sony also announced that players will be able to download PS2 and PS4 games to their PS4 consoles and play them anytime offline. PS3 games were not included in this offline download list because according to Sony, PS3 games are not designed to run natively on the PS4 system.

Coming back to the main point, Silent Hill HD Collection includes two of the best titles in the series and we would love to play them again on PS4 even if it is via the PS Now streaming service. We will have to wait and find out whether this is indeed happening or not.

We will keep you updated on any future updates regarding Silent Hill HD Collection so keep checking back.

Let us know about your thoughts whether you would want it come out as a separate game or would prefer it being added to the PS Now service roster.

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