Team-Based Roguelike Siege of Dungeon Gets Major Update

Siege of Dungeon Major Update

Developer Binary Tree Studio has released a major update for their recently released team-based roguelike Siege of Dungeon. After its Early Access debut, this is yet another major update for the game which adds new relics along with three new gameplay mechanics for players to try out in the game. To celebrate the launch of the latest update, the developer is also offering a 10% discount on the game to all new players. The game will receive new updates in the future as well so you can expect more features and content to arrive in the game.

The latest update for Siege of Dungeon introduces a new Challenge Mode to the game where players will be able to test their skills. New challenges will appear in the game for the players that have completed the main dungeon and they will feature tougher enemies that will offer greater rewards than easier enemies. There are six levels of difficulty and each will bring its own unique challenges on offer for prospective adventures. Apart from the new Challenge Mode addition, the update also brings many other features and quality-of-life improvements to the game.

Siege of Dungeon Major Update

Some of the new features include Auto Mode and the Character Upgrade System among many others. Auto Mode will allow players to gain investigation points according to their progress for each dungeon run. If you gain enough points, you will unlock new skills and rewards. Apart from this, the Character Upgrade System will give you a new way to prepare yourself for the next dungeon run. Choose the character that you want to play with and then you can level them up along with upgrading them by collecting items on your runs. These upgrades will ensure that your next run is always bigger than your current run.

Siege of Dungeon is currently available on PC in Early Access and you can jump into the game right now and be a part of the development as the game takes its final form for its 1.0 release. If you purchase the game right now, you will be able to nab a 10% discount on the game as well. Additional details about future updates will be shared at a later date. This update is part of the development roadmap shared by the developer earlier.

Are you looking forward to playing Siege of Dungeon to try out its latest major update? Let us know in the comments section below.

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